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When it comes to presenting and bringing your project to life, nothing grabs attention quite like captivating pitchvis and previs imagery. At GlassFrog, we specialize in creating eye-catching visuals that will leave your audience spellbound.

From concept to execution, we’ll work closely with you to ensure every detail shines, creating a truly immersive experience that brings your project to the forefront. Get ready to amaze your audience with imagery that leaps off the screen and leaves a lasting impression.

There is an art to cinematography and with over 35 years combined experience creating ground-breaking visuals in films like Avatar, Mortal Engines, Warcraft and Tomorrowland.

We are experts.

In the quest for the perfect picture, lighting is the key. Cinematic Lighting isn’t just important—it’s downright magical. It weaves a visual tapestry of mood, atmosphere, and profound meaning, captivating the audience’s senses.

At GlassFrog, our creative team are true lighting wizards. Armed with their craft, they work their enchantment, transforming ordinary images into extraordinary masterpieces. With their expert touch, they bring depth, enhance visuals, and breathe life into every scene, all while igniting the desired mood and atmosphere.

Glassfrog Productions is the premier destination for advanced visual effects. Our talented team of artists bring your visions to life and deliver outstanding results. With a focus on a tailored, client-focused experience, Glassfrog consistently produces visually stunning work for film, television, advertising, and beyond.

GlassFrog’s expertise lies in real-time rendering, harnessing the power to deliver awe-inspiring results that surpass expectations. Prepare to be amazed as GlassFrog works its magic, creating extraordinary visuals in unbelievably swift timeframes.

Glassfrog Productions is your reliable collaborator in building visually captivating worlds. With extensive expertise in constructing intricate landscapes and employing visual effects, our team of talented artists and technicians breathes life into your imaginative concepts with unrivaled creativity, technical proficiency, and a dedication to providing an authentically immersive experience.

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Elevate your project to new heights with our cinematic services. Our team of experts specializes in crafting captivating cinematics for film, television, and games. From breathtaking visuals to immersive narratives, we bring your story to life with cinematic excellence.

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Our clients greatly benefit from the advantages of real-time filmmaking and photography.

We offer cutting-edge services for advertising and commercials, providing numerous benefits such as enhanced freedom and quick turnaround times.

We have assisted and continue to assist clients in bringing engaging corporate videos to fruition. It serves as an instructional tool to accomplish various business objectives.

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