The Directors

With over 35 years’ of combined experience in visual storytelling, meet GlassFrog’s Founders

Oliver Askew

Managing Director

Oliver has spent over 15 years in the film industry working with leading animation studios on some of the highest grossing films of all time. Committed to producing the highest quality possible, and taking the preproduction industry to a whole new level. Oliver co-founded GlassFrog to bring in a new age of storytelling and visual imagery, envisioning what could be possible, and making the unreal, a reality.

Phillip Berg

Creative Director

With a love for visual storytelling and 20 years of experience, Phillip is a world builder who specialises in cinematography, lighting and conveying a visual narrative through the lens. He has a strong passion for creating stunning visuals, accompanied by a range of visual effect blockbusters as part of his portfolio. In recent times, Phillip was specially chosen as one of the first groups of people invited to become part of the Unreal Fellowship.

Key Credit List

Star Wars Rogue one
Star Wars The Force Awakens
Despicable me 3 
How the Grinch stole Christmas 
Total Recall
I Kill Giants
Asterix and the Vikings
Mission of honor
Lego TV series

Ralph Lauren
Total Warhammer
Destiny 2
Cyber Punk 2077 E3 
Cyber Punk 2077 The Dinner 
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 
The Day the Earth Stood Still
District 9

Mad Max Fury Road
The Lovely Bones
Happy Feet 2
The Great Gatsby
The Ninja Turtles
World Of Warcraft
James Bond Spectre
The Martian

The Supporting Cast

Meet the team that run the show, here at GlassFrog 

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